Jammin’ in the Night/Dancin’ With My Dogs: Charlie Musselwhite and His Fantastic Band

Good evening! Last night, we talked about Jeff Buckley dabbling in old blues songs. Tonight, we’re talking about Musselwhite and his feeling for the blues. Furthermore, tonight’s been one helluva night when it comes to listening to music. I’ve been bored of a lot of the albums/songs that make up my library. Thus, I’ve been on the hunt for good music that I haven’t listened to yet. Due to Jim’s post , and the resultant conversation he had with Christian, I grew interested in listening to the Paul Butterfield Band’s first two albums, along with Musselwhite’s second studio release, namely “Stone Blues”.

Luck was on my side undoubtedly.

These three albums kick a ton of ass: it’s as if the albums are looking right into the eyes of the blues and electrifying its soul. Great, great stuff here. Specifically, I’ve played “Stone Blues” two times tonight; it’s just that good. See, I really enjoyed bits and pieces of Musselwhite’s debut “Stand Back!”, but I’ve never been a fan of instrumentals. As such, I like “Stone Blues” much more.

Upon listening to the track “Gone and Left Me” for the first time, I got up and started dancing wildly and freakishly. This, I imagine, is what good electric blues does to you: electrify your damn soul! In dancing and playing air drums and guitar, my two dogs joined me for the party. A truly memorable moment this week.

Here it is:


Butterfield and his band will be featured shortly.




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