The Ten Point Scale: How I Rate Music

Musical tastes change as rapid as one would expect. That being said, I try to be thoughtful and meticulous when assigning grades to the music I’m listening to. This grading system applies to all the music featured on this blog.


10/10: Reserved for music that means so much to me. Obviously, nothing’s ever perfect; music given this rating is so god damn breathtaking. More or less, I can play this at virtually any time and feel moved by it.

9/10: Very strong and captivating. Near-essential to my musical listening. Gets played a whole helluva lot.

8/10: Gets played a good deal, but sometimes I grow sonically tired of it.

7/10Now, most of the time, I’m quite specific when it comes to what I like musically speaking. Hardly ever played since I don’t really like what I hear.

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